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From Consulting to Recruitment, We’ve Got You Covered

Management Consulting
Expert Business Consulting Services

We offer expert consulting and practical support for business establishment in Germany, including obtaining permits for temporary employment. Our team also advises international companies with EU branches on payroll processes and develops customized HR strategies and personnel measures.

Interim Management and Project Work
Bridging Gaps with Interim Management

Our interim management services cover the DACH region, helping to bridge personnel gaps. We lead projects for HR software implementation and facilitate collaboration between global and local teams within international matrix structures. Additionally, we provide temporary support for business transformations and restructurings.

Strategic Talent Acquisition

We specialize in sourcing and placing professionals and executives at the EMEA level, developing recruiting programs that integrate active sourcing tools. Our employer branding strategies enhance your employer image, and we offer temporary employment services.

Latest client recommendations

Dr. Cora Steigenberger
Value-based Leadership | Cross-Cultural Conflict Mediation

Thank you, Angelika! Working with you is always a great pleasure: 120% dedication, extremely professional attitude, high speed, great humor, 360° HR expertise and beyond. Spot on!

Juergen Koy
Director Waldkraiburg Operations

Angelika came to our location to bridge a vacancy in HR management and at the same time to promptly implement a demanding restructuring project on the HR side. In close collaboration with the works council and me, Angelika managed to meet the project goals set by the international management on time and in full. She achieved this thanks to her ability to communicate with everyone involved on an equal footing and to convey complex labor and social law issues. Angelika is very organized and knowledgeable in all HR areas. In addition to the project work, she analyzed our payroll processes for Germany and Switzerland. Angelika also took on the recruiting of a demanding role. In a short amount of time, Angelika managed to break down old structures and gain the employees' trust in HR at the location.

Lisa Dodman
Chief People Officer

Angelika came into Unit4 as Interim HR Manager DACH and spent her time re-energising and refocusing the efforts to get us to a better people experience place. During her time she faced many unique challenges and delivered an exceptional service delivery. I would absolutely recommend Angelika!

Jochen Wießler
Regional President Continental Europe at Unit4

I had the pleasure to work with Angelika during my role as MD DACH for Unit4 while Angelika was responsible for HR. In the four months we worked together we were able to achieve significant successes which take normally much longer. Angelika was able to understand the mentality of Unit4 very quickly and got immediately the trust of me and the employees. She was able to accomplish this not because of she was "everybodies darling". No, we she was always straight andf authentic and most important, whe knows all about HR processes and empathy. HR was a difficult topic for quite a while at Unit4 and Angelika gave back the trust to HR. She knows always what to do, in any situation with any people or works council. Abgelika is breathing and living HR at its very best.

Börn Meier
Head of Electronics Development @ UNO MINDA Systems GmbH

I recently had the chance to work with Angelika as she was taking over as interim head of our HR department. Angelika doesn't need a warm-up period, she was ready from the start. Her main goal was closing as many of our open positions as possible, which she did with great sucess. Besides her focus as a hiring manager, Angelika went great length to advance all other aspects of HR management in our company with her expertise. Personally she helped me with many fruitful suggestions for my daily work. I really enjoyed working with Angelika and I would be happy to do so anytime in the future.

Karsta Goetze
Leader HR EMEA/Geschäftsführerin at W. L. Gore & Associates

Thank you Angelika for your great support in a difficult time. You really made a difference. You are a wonderful team player and great partner for the business. For very special roles, you found the perfect candidates in a short time frame. The business always felt very much supported and understood. Candidate feedback was sooo positive too. I am looking forward working with you again even in other capacities since you bring such a brought scope of skills within HR and other areas and the right attitude.
Thank you so much!

Maria Rachele Busca
Director HTA and RWE - EMEACLA

Very effective HR professional in a specific and not easy search for local experts in market access and HEOR. With Angelika leading the program the key of the success was on the candidate searching and initial scrutiny that was done in such a great way that candidates were selected for moving into next step were always very attractive and we massively limited time waste. It was a pleasure working with her and she could really help in advancing into the program without long pauses that are pretty commune when we decide to start to recruit new professionals.