Angelika Fischer.

Championing HR Excellence with momentum Personalservice GmbH.

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A Visionary Leader in Human Resources

As the founder and General Manager of momentum Personalservice GmbH, based in Munich-Puchheim, Germany, Angelika Fischer has carved a niche for herself as a trusted advisor, a strategic planner, and a hands-on leader with more than 25 years of experience in both HR and finance. Her journey is one of relentless pursuit of excellence, marked by a series of impressive roles and achievements that highlight her versatility and expertise.

Empowering Businesses through Strategic HR Solutions

In 2013, Fischer founded momentum Personalservice GmbH, a company that embodies her vision of proactive and hands-on HR services. As an Interim HR Generalist/Manager and HR Consultant, she has supported leaders, employees, and stakeholders across various HR functions. Her expertise spans day-to-day HR operations, talent acquisition, EMEA payroll, German labor law, and tax knowledge. Fischer’s experience with German work councils and collective agreements further underscores her comprehensive understanding of the HR landscape.

Interim Roles: Delivering Excellence

Fischer’s interim roles have been nothing short of remarkable. From restructuring projects to People &Culture roles in an international matrix via HR software harmonization projects, she has consistently delivered outstanding results. Her ability to lead and participate in EMEA audits, introduce time management systems, and handle payroll processes reflects her meticulous approach and strategic mindset.

Embracing Digitalization and Remote Work

Despite her demanding career, Fischer remains committed to continuous learning and adaptability. Fluent in English and German, she is proficient in digital and virtual working environments. Her technical skills span a range of tools including MS Office, Taleo, DATEV®, Lexware, LOGA/TM, SuccessFactor, and WORKDAY®.

Inspiring the Next Generation of HR Leaders

Angelika Fischer’s story is one of dedication, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her journey from a young HR specialist to a formidable founder and leader in the HR services industry isa testament to her skills, vision, and passion for working with people. As she continues to lead momentum Personalservice GmbH, Fischer remains an inspiration, championing HR excellence and strategic insights.